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8 Reasons why so many NZ small businesses are using SmartPayroll Live to calculate and pay wages and PAYE on the Internet…
  • Future proof for Kiwisaver now! SmartPayroll Live will ensure you’ll be able to handle this future administration requirement with ease.
  • It's only $1.99 per person per pay! AND will be further discounted to 99c per pay per employee as of October 2006.
  • It's fast, easy and saves time because of the one touch pay system!
  • Their data and information is kept confidential and secure with Datacom!
  • SmartPayroll Live has FREE support and FREE upgrades.
  • There are no manual PAYE forms and returns to fill out and post.
  • The system is on the Internet so their payroll can be done from anywhere in the world, or even in advance if you’re on holiday.
  • Paying bonuses, deductions, court fines, child support and student loans are a breeze.

Why Accountants love this touch of a button way to no more payroll mistakes.

It is not only the client who benefits from Smart Payroll Live, Accountants are loving it too>>

“Smart Payroll Live is a lot more than just a payroll system.  The clients we have recommended it to have absolutely loved it. The hand-holding at set up and on-going support makes it a no-brainer for many of our clients. By recommending Smart Payroll Live, I know we are adding great value to our clients business.” Richard Burge, Partner Sherwin Chan and Walshe Chartered Accountants, Lower Hutt.

“We love the Smart Payroll Live system because our clients save so much time and money.  It’s such a clear and concise system that makes my job really easy when it comes to end of year accounts, not to mention the reassurance that all the calculations have been done correctly!  This is one of the few payroll systems that’s got it right and actually does EVERYTHING!”
Matt Gilligan, Partner Gillian Rowe and Associates Chartered Accountants, Auckland

How this Business Accounting, internet-supported software (SmartBooks), works for thousands of Kiwi Businesses like yours.

Downloads Bank Statements>>

SmartBooks is a truly unique piece of accounting software. It is a highly automated financial reporting system based on the information in your bank statement. Simply put, gone are the days of slow and monotonous data entry where mistakes are inevitable and here are the days of fast, accurate, cheap and hassle-free accounting!

All of your cheque and deposit forms will have an extra panel on them printed by your bank into which you will insert an account code given to you by the SmartBooks system. This code identifies the nature of the transaction and is recorded by the banking system when your transaction is processed.

Each month a copy of your bank statement is sent to you via the Internet or couriered to you on a disk. Remember that this is all coded as you have done that each time you have made a transaction. You then put this information onto your computer and SmartBooks will download the data and as everything is already coded there is no need for any manual entry. SmartBooks then automatically calculates your GST, Profit and Loss account, General Ledger, Bank Reconciliation, Trial Balance and Budgets. EASY AS THAT! As long as you put the correct codes in when your transactions occur there will no way that you have made a mistake. What peace of mind!

Lets you understand your finances>>

Out of all the people who can understand financial statements, as the owner of your business, it should be you. SmartBooks is great because it understands that most New Zealand business owners and managers are not qualified Chartered Accountants who understand exactly how accounting works and the terms used and what they all mean. The simple definitions of all the financial reports Smart Books produce are very helpful in making relevant sense of numerical data, that otherwise looks confusing. This gives you a greater understanding as to where your company is financially and helps you to manage with the future of your company in mind, putting much more power in your hands.

SmartBooks gives you:
  • GST report
  • Profit and Loss accounts
  • General Ledger and Trial Balances
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Comparison of actual to forecast/budget
  • Monthly or Quarterly Cashflow reports
  • Details of each individual account

Powerful pieces of financial information that SmartBooks make easy to understand and analyse, giving you more time to work on growing your business not fussing over numbers!


Answer YES to two or more of these questions and you DEFINITELY NEED SMARTBOOKS!


  1. Are you a small to medium sized business owner or manager?
  2. Do you pay your accountant to perform simple functions like monthly Profit and Loss accounts GST and tax reports?
  3. Do you wish you could get your accounting work done faster?
  4. Do you spend hours entering data from your bank statement into your accounts?
  5. Does it seem like the 20th of the month is always upon you?
  6. Are filing tax returns a frustrating experience?
  7. Do you know how to do reconciliation?
  8. Are keeping track of leave records hard?
  9. I am not sure where to start when trying to calculate termination payments?
  10. There are so many laws and tax laws that I think I need help complying with them all, as it takes a lot of time and is stressful.
  11. I’m afraid of losing my accounts data and backup data? 
  12. I sometimes doubt the accuracy of my accounts when I complete them?
  13. My company has one PC so it is hard to do all the accounts as well as running my business?
  14. Is spending PAYE money a problem?
  15. Is taking care of pay deductions confusing?

Why SmartBooks is faster and easier to understand.


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